Microsoft Azure

MindTelligent Microsoft Azure Practice offers a broad range of services, including compute, storage, networking, analytics, and artificial intelligence. Azure is a global platform with data centers in over 50 regions. MindTelligent partners with the clients to build, deploy, and manage applications, Big Data technology sets, and services. We help to store data, analyze data, and create machine learning models.

Some of the services we provide on Azure

Data warehousing
Run SQL and complex, analytic queries against structured and unstructured data in your data warehouse and data lake, without the need for unnecessary data movement.
Big data processing
Quickly and easily process vast amounts of data in your data lake or on-premises for data engineering, data science development, and collaboration.
Real time analytics
Collect, process, and analyze streaming data, and load data streams directly into your data lakes, data stores, and analytics services so you can respond in real time.
Operational analytics
Search, explore, filter, aggregate, and visualize your data in near real time for application monitoring, log analytics, and clickstream analytics.

Extract Transform and Load

We partner with clients to Ingest event data, build lakehouse and analyze customer product usage.