Data Flow Pipeline

MindTelligent has helped a broad spectrum of large business to build Data Flow Pipelines from start to finish. Our customers can benefit from MindTelligent Data Flow Framework, to construct Data Flow Pipelines.

A pipeline consists of a set of operations that can read a source of input data, transform that data, and write out the resulting output. The data and transforms in a pipeline are unique to, and owned by, that pipeline. While your program can create multiple pipelines, pipelines cannot share data or transforms.

The framework can be used to:
  • Create a Pipeline objects and Sources.
  • Reading Data Into Your Pipeline.
  • Applying Transforms to Process Pipeline Data.
  • Writing or Outputting Your Final Pipeline Data to multiple sinks and targets.
  • Building Cache around frequently used objects in the Pipeline.
  • Error Handling/Notification in the event of Data Flow Engine errors.
  • Reprocess and rewind data processing on demand.
  • Build Realtime or ELT Data flow engines.
  • Data Flow Monitoring Platform.
  • Data Engine Administration for 99.99% uptime.