Customer Story

Oracle SOA 11g and OID 11g Engagement for San Joaquin County

During 2010-2011 The county implemented a major Case Management System for one of its departments. This was a major implementation that required over 12 interfaces to be build from IBM mainframe to Oracle and SQL Server 2008 databases. One of the numerous challenges faced during the implementation of the case management system and development of the interfaces was to install, develop and test the SOA 11G Weblogic suite and configure the database adapters to work with the new version of Oracle SOA suite. Harvinder was a key member of the Interface development team and his responsibilities included setup of the architecture for SOA suite 11G, work with Project Manager to develop the design of the interfaces, throttle the interface performance, develop BAM interface and develop pl/sql procedures for data conversion and transformation. All of the work required highest skill level and dedication to the work and Harvinder performed excellent to support this effort. I am very much appreciative of the work performed by Harvinder and am proud to have had him as part of my development team.

Shakir Awan, PMP
San Joaquin County
Information Systems Division
office(209) 953-7804

Top qualities:
Expert, On Time, High Integrity
Oracle SOA 11g and OIM 11g Engagement for Razorfish/Nextel Project

I hired Harvinder as a contractor for a telco project that required in-depth knowledge of the Oracle SOA 11g stack to build the bridge between a multi-national eCommerce site we were designing and the legacy applications in the individual countries which needed to be accessed. Harvinder has proven to be an excellent contributor. His knowledge of the SOA domain and Oracle toolkit is superb and he is exceedingly motivated and reliable.